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Angel comes with an experience in all facets of Human Resources. An expert in creating training material, Angel has conducted training on a variety of soft skills' topics.


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Challenges That Lie Ahead for Human Resources

Today is the era of millennial employees; a gen that has witnessed the prodigious journey of technological growth. With smartphones in one hand, these people no longer prefer sitting at one desk and working nine to five. Always on the move, such they will switch jobs in a jiffy if thirst for advanc ...

SaaS: Is It Right for Your Business?

Every budding corporation requires softwares like DBMS, MIS, HRMS and other ERPs for smooth day-to-day operations. SaaS has eventually become the talk of the town and most application service-providers these days recommend SaaS (Software as a service) solutions for your business.So what exactly is ...

5 Useful Tips to Make the Best out of MS-Excel

Large organizations may have software that automatically churns out reports for them, but medium and small-scale businesses still often rely on Excel, in order to avoid huge capital costs. Here are five extremely useful Excel tips that you can use for smoother functioning of your day-to-day busines ...

Delegation: Your First Step to Being a Good Leader

Once upon a time there was a happy-go-lucky employee, Jack. Being a star performer, completing his tasks effortlessly, way before deadlines and with utmost quality; in no time he was promoted. Along came the Bombshell!Jack’s zeal vanished. He could no longer meet deadlines and appeared over-s ...