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I'm a blogger, programmer, web developer, web writer, and IT specialist with a strong passion for big data, cloud computing, IT, networking, software and virtualization.

Erwin Castro

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Top Benefits of Cloud-Based Networking

The speed and unpredictability of today's business cycles have pushed the limits of IT infrastructures at many companies. These companies need to become more adaptable and flexible, but often their response are too slow or insubstantial. They need a new tool- one that could lower the cost of co ...

Top 10 Tips in Selecting a Cloud Service Provider

Today’s businesses are under intense pressure-how to drive innovation and accelerate past competition. They are turning to cloud to realize cost efficiencies and gain a level of flexibility that is needed in today’s fast-evolving environment.Cloud computing is a disruptive phenomenon, i ...

Advantages of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

Cloud computing is not just for big multinationals, it’s for everyone, it can help companies of all sizes cut costs while improving agility and functionality.So, what exactly companies get in cloud computing? Small companies can take a lot of benefits in embracing cloud computing. A typical c ...