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I am a young, aspiring writer, avid reader, have a mind of a skeptic, the heart of a dreamer and the imagination of a gamer. I love writing, reading, gaming, and sports.


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5 Tips Entrepreneurs Need to Achieve Happiness

So we all know that being an entrepreneur is a demanding lifestyle and requires diligent motivation and determination in order to achieve a successful life. Often times people will find that they have a disaster on their hands, either in their personal lives or in their business because they were u ...

Achieving Successful Balance as an Entrepreneur!

I have always been opposed to working a 9-5 job that requires boring and tedious effort and a paycheck of the same reflection. I never really knew why I hate being out in the work place but just assumed it was because I wasn’t a people person, nor a gung ho career enthusiast. I never really t ...

SAAS Industry Growth in 2014-15

Software as a Service SaaS expansion has been skyrocketing in growth over the past five years due to the advantage it gives to small and medium sized businesses in terms of software investments. The idea behind software as a service rather than as a product as it was in earlier years, is to have a ...