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Ann enjoys writing, reading, gardening, fishing and the great outdoors. Her job has allowed her to travel and live in different countries. She enjoys studying and learning about different cultures..

Ann Johnston

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The business world is rapidly growing because of the Internet and this makes it harder to attract new customers. Over the years, advertising platforms have taken on many changes. Today we have the Internet which is by far one of the best advertising platforms available.Many companies today find it ...

Product Development: How to Market Your Product

For any business to stay competitive in today’s market, they must deliver the right products and services to their customers. Furthermore, these products need to have a strong marketing support at the right price. Afterwards, your company needs to keep up with the trends in the market so your ...

Crowdfunding 101: 7 Accounting Tips

Kickstarter has become a great alternative source for funding a new business adventure. However, there are some important accounting issues you must understand before launching your crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. There are different tax implications related to crowdfunding as a primary busin ...

3 Crucial Types of Social Media Engagement

As your business grows, so do your different social media platforms. There is a constant need to understand how your brand interacts with your different channels of engagement. Each channel of interaction varies and gives you multiple ways to interact with your audience.Therefore, your company will ...