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Ms. Hatters is an Career & Training Consultant. Her experience in human resources, adult education, and training informs her writing and consulting activities. Learn more @

Meica Hatters

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3 Must-Read Entrepreneurship Books

In The E-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber explains that entrepreneurs are real people that need support, structure, and teams.  Often the entrepreneur forgets this.  As an entrepreneur, I have built a library of informative and motivational books that help me build focus goals and challenge ...

Make Training Worth the Time

Imagine this.  You’ve sent your employees to a two-day training.  They return excited to apply their new skills to the workplace.  You call them into their office and they share a million ideas each.  Their excitement is contagious.  You cannot wait to see the return ...

6 Inexpensive Ways to Show Appreciation

Employees that feel appreciated put forth more effort.  As a business owner, you want employees to feel appreciated.  When you’re working with tight budgets, variations in customer behavior, or new markets, it is hard to find ways to motivate employees with the monetary gains.   ...