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5 Simple Steps to Becoming a Better Closer

Closing a sale takes discipline and focus. It requires a salesperson to always have the upper hand and steer the client towards a sale. Obstacles and objections must preferably be anticipated but should the salesperson be caught off guard then he or she must be able to adapt. To become a better clo ...

What You Need to Know About Starting a Business

A lot of entrepreneurs enter into opening a business without being fully prepared. Although it is true that a business has inherent risks and that you should take a chances at times, that does not mean that you should not be prepared. Every business venture should have a business strategy and plan ...

6 Qualities to Look for in the Ideal Salesperson

Sales is an important part of any business. This places the sales team at the core of any business' success. So when you are looking for new sales people it is imperative to not only hire the right salespeople, but the right mix of salespeople.The characteristics you should look for in a salesp ...