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Top 5 Jobs to Prepare You For Becoming an Entrepreneur

No one can become a successful entrepreneur overnight. This is not only because managing a private business is demanding, requires startup money, or comes with a lot of risk, but also because the potential business owners often do not possess the skills and experience needed for them to thrive.How ...

6 Tips to Manage Unhappy Employees

Being a team leader requires you to have the skill to know how to handle unhappy employees. Unhappy employees can lead to job dissatisfaction, demotivated staff and high staff turnover. Turning an unhappy employee to a happy employee enables you to retain the best talents in your company.To achieve ...

Top 10 Most Common Business Planning Mistakes

A business plan is a formal statement that states the goals of the business and how the business intends to achieve these goals. These goals drive the business in a particular direction and help the owners make appropriate decisions. Undeniably, it's irresponsible to start a business and imposs ...