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Awan is a technical engineer, freelance blogger and hobbyist.

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Avoid These 5 Common A/B Testing Mistakes

Many companies use A/B testing to help them maximize profits and optimize their website. However, when a company decides to use A/B testing it must be approached with care. This avoids mistakes and unreliable results so your company doesn’t experience a loss of clientele or revenues. Therefor ...

Can SaaS Apps Change the Way You do Business?

Businesses can now automate their activities thanks to the vast selection of SaaS (Software as a Service) apps on the market today. SaaS apps now offer businesses a chance to analyze customers’ online behaviors and learn from their mistakes. Therefore, there’s no need to waste valuable ...

How Your Company Can Keep File Sharing Secure

Businesses today have data everywhere. Companies now share information using a multitude of platforms, across a variety of mobile devices. Currently, organizations are faced with securing BYOD and BYOA (bring your own apps) within and outside their networks.Different applications such as OneNote an ...

Does Network Security Affect Your Business?

Every business owner should understand what network security means for their company. However, there are a few small businesses that don’t think it’s important or applies to their company. Furthermore, your company needs to worry about your network security if you use computers, access ...