10 Things you Didn't Know Your iPhone Could do

The iPhone has been around for years now and still with the new iOS releases every so often, you still haven’t discovered most features the iPhone can do. Here is a list of features you never knew your iPhone is capable of.

1. Help Siri correct its pronunciation. If Siri pronounced a particular word incorrectly, you can say, “That’s not how you pronounce [blank]”. If you do this, Siri will give you alternatives and you could choose the correct pronunciation.

2. Shake to delete text or undo typing. If ever you made a mistake in typing or placed a word incorrectly, you can shake your phone and the Undo Typing box will appear. After you press undo, however, if you shake it again, the Redo Typing box will now appear.

3. Alternative buttons for taking a photo. You can either use your iPhone’s “up” volume control or the center button of your ear pods to take a photo. This will make talking selfies easier.

4. Change to airplane mode to charge your phone faster. If you’re not waiting for any important texts or you’re in a hurry, you can switch your phone to airplane mode to help your iPhone charge faster.

5. Have Siri read your emails. Say the words “Read my email” and Siri will read your emails aloud for you. If you want Siri read only your recent email, say “Read my latest email”.

6. Double click the SHIFT key to enable CAPS LOCK permanently. If you need to type in all caps this function is very handy. Your iPhone already has an auto-capitalize function for the first letter of each new sentence. But if ever you want to express an angry text message, you can use this to transpose the letters you type to uppercase.

7. Show the signal strength of your mobile carrier in digital format. To display your signal strength in numeric format type “ *3001#12345#* ” on your dial pad and hit Call.

8. In the calculator, delete the last digit by swiping. Even if it’s not difficult to delete the digits in the calculator, there is an alternative way to do so. Swipe the calculator screen from left to right and the last digit will be deleted.

9. Burst function in taking photos. Try holding down the capture button on your iPhone and you will see that it will take multiple rapid shots. This is very useful in taking pictures of moving objects.

10. Using LED to flash lights for alerts. If the vibration and sound alerts are not enough, you can use the LED to flash lights when receiving alerts or messages. To do so, go to, Settings > General > Accessibility, then turn on the “LED Flash for Alerts” setting.

Thank you bjornolsson for the photo.


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