5 Cloud Application Solutions for a Productive Business

Cloud computing is networked centralized data storage, resources and computer applications for large groups of remote servers. Businesses may save money by sharing the same server with other businesses to access data minus the added costs of additional license for various applications. Shared applications allow small businesses to compete productively in the marketplace on a global scale with large corporations.

  1. Box: Box is a cloud application that allows the sharing of business files online securely. The application allows associates to collaborate on a project by viewing a file at assorted locations. File access may be restricted or authorized at the discretion of the business. offers businesses unlimited storage capability.
  2. OfficeTime: OfficeTime allows employees to record billable hours accurately while still at the job site and print an invoice with the same cloud-based application. Contractors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals find the application results in more precise tracking by calculating per minute costs. The application is an answer to a rapid turn around of accounts receivables.
  3. Quickbooks: Quickbooks is a cloud-based accounting software for small businesses. Business may easily create reports, establish budgets and manage cash flow while maintaining a mobile office. In addition, the remote access capabilities of Quickbooks allows for outsourcing of tax preparation and payroll. Online banking and electronic transfer of funds for accounts payable may be performed from a home office.
  4. Skype: Cloud-based Skype group chat opens communication lines for businesses. Offices in Hong Kong can communicate with plants in Dallas, Texas via Skype regardless of different time zones. Messages are held in a queue until a colleague is prepared to read. The message is marked as read to inform the sender that the intended person received the notice. The second person can review chat history and answer back.
  5. Toggl: Toggl is a cloud-based application that allows the user to accomplish objectives by prioritizing multiple projects. Toggl is comparable to the paper “Daytimer” advanced through a time machine for the computer age business professional. The application enables management to view the schedule of employees while allowing users to gain control of his/her schedule for a productive day.

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