4 Reasons Why Typography Matters in Web Design

Typography is all about balancing the graphics and text while creating effective content, which speaks about the message within the content. Effective graphics and content are not enough to design a great website. Typography plays a very important role in web design. Typography in design is almost unavoidable. You only have a few seconds to attract your visitors. So the design of the website should be appealing and typography is an important part, so in this article I am going to share 4 reasons as to why typography matters so much in web design.

It Is A Medium Of Communication: When you visit a website, within a number of seconds you can make out as to what kind of website it is, is it a website that is related to business or is it related to games or art for that matter? This is because of the typography and the design language which has been used on that web site. The way the content is arranged, the way it is highlighted and other such details acts as a medium of communication between the company and the visitor.

It Attracts The Readers: When we use typography one thing should always be considered, is that the font which we use should be reader friendly. The reader should be able to understand the message from the text. If you use a proper font it also increases the presentation value of the webpage. Increases Sales: If used correctly typography can prove to be both meaningful as well as attractive. So automatically it attracts customers which can increase your sales. Typography creates hierarchy in the content by which you can highlight the information which you want, this will automatically attract the customers and will increase your sales.

Creates Interest: If you use typography effectively, it can efficiently attract more customers. Create some interest in the content; this will make the visitors linger longer on to your site. We use taglines and effective graphics which are also important. But effective use of typography can also make the boring text look attractive, which is extremely important.

Reflects Professionalism: When typography is added correctly in a design project, it reflects professionalism. When you add typography correctly it automatically gains the trust of the visitor. It becomes easy to convince the customer regarding your product.

Typography gives your design an entirely different identity. Without typography a design project cannot be complete. 


Photograph courtesy: Flickr

neha basrani

neha basrani

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