It is a New Dawn of Advancement for Connected Businesses

Our lives today are characterized by a nearly unending cycle of technological development and transformation. What used to be the only available communications technology one time is now becoming obsolete and being replaced.

And what is even worse is that this technology option could be a hindrance to the growth and advancement that ambitious and visionary firms expect. An up-to-date, flexible communications technology solution is a modern tool that is capable of fueling the kind of advancement and growth that businesses need, and in the process also become agile.

A Business’ Communications Decisions Affect Its Growth

With the kind of advancement that the modern world has seen in communications technology, nowadays businesses have two options to pick from: either stick to the traditional models that involve on-site communications infrastructure and ISDN or shift to a cloud-based system that enables them to connect their central office to their remote or travelling staff members.

Though the options that businesses have here are particularly about what technology to choose, the effect this could have on their growth potential is immense. For instance, since old communications models are naturally restrictive and depend on fixed lines, expansion is difficult to achieve. In addition, they are relatively costly, with expenses being attached to the ISDN lines used, as well as their annual licensing and maintenance charges. This kind of inflexibility and the associated unnecessary financial costs are great barriers to growth. It is therefore expected that any visionary business should be looking to avoid using what has come to legacy technology.

On the other hand, a cloud-based communication system not only enhances a business’ growth but also facilitates it. With a cloud system, adding new lines and users is very easy since no new on-site infrastructure really needs to be added. Quite virtually, there are no scalability limits to a cloud-hosted system. This means that a company’s communications system can just grow with it, literally. More importantly, such a system is capable of linking remote, flexible hours or travelling workers both to their offices and to one another much more easily than traditional communication models can achieve.

Growing Agile

The concept of flexible working is here with us. For instance, just recently in Europe, legislation has been enacted to give employees across the continent the right to request their employers to allow them work flexibly. Employers are also encouraged to reasonably respond to such requests. Among the main factors that are expected to greatly influence the growth of businesses in future is how they are going to embrace the new concept of flexible working, and manage an agile workforce that is disparately spread across the globe.

In the very near future, talented workers are going to have the power to make a choice on who they want to work for from a wide range of firms across the planet, with none of these having to be local. On the other hand, companies will need to be linked to communications systems that are capable of facilitating such kind of flexible working if they expect to have a fair chance of attracting the best staff, retaining them and getting the best out of their skills. Obviously, this will not be adequately possible with on-site communication models. Yes, it is possible for remote employees to utilize the Internet and phones if they are not located in a black spot, but they cannot be connected to a central system this way. Instead, they can do this as independently-operated offshoots from it.

In contrast, cloud-based hosting enables staff to be fully linked via either Wi-Fi or mobile data whichever place they are located. Employers are also capable of monitoring the level of productivity being achieved in their businesses and have a better access to their staff whenever necessary. Such connectivity also enables employees to have an uninterrupted access to all the essential the tools, files, contacts and applications that they need to perform their responsibilities effectively.

Out of the myriad of factors that determine how businesses can advance and grow, as well as how fast this happens, some are controllable while others are not. When it comes to choosing what communications technology system to apply, companies have the power to determine what kind of businesses they want to become and position themselves in the driving seat as they bid to create the kind of atmosphere that fuels their growth and future competitiveness in the marketplace.

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It is a New Dawn of Advancement for Connected Businesses

Our lives today are characterized by a nearly unending cycle of technological development and transformation. What used to be the only available communications technology one time is now becoming obsolete and being replaced.And what is even worse is that this technology option could be a hindrance ...

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