Streamline Medical Transcription Process With High Performance Software

Updating medical transcription software is an important step to modernizing a medical practice from a single physician office to a large practice with six or more physicians. The 20th century tape based dictation equipment should be discontinued. The obsolete equipment constantly breaks and tapes can be misplaced. Accurate medical transcription is necessary for medical care. Proper reimbursement depends on precise dictation on each visit. Several medical transcription software packages are available to increase the transcription workflow.

  1. BayScribe: BayScribe medical transcription software features ADT capture, document delivery, routing, transcription and workflow management. Illegible handwriting may result in mis-communication. The manufacturer of BayScribe understands that critical dictation flaws decreases insurance reimbursements and the quality of patient care delivered. BayScribe medical transcription software allows the physician to create documents with high accuracy in a fast paced environment.
  2. Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance: The Dragon Naturally Speaking software is an improved version of the original Dragon speech recognition software program. The physician’s words are automatically converted to text with improved speed and accuracy. The advanced Dragon software allows the physician to access files and open menus with ease. Physicians are able to operate the new Dragon software soon upon receipt.
  3. M-Modal Fluency Direct: M-Modal Fluency Direct boasts an increased “contextual understanding of the physician’s spoken word.” The software identifies documentation deficiencies and automatically reacts with feedback to request clarification or supplementary information to improve accuracy. Front-end speech recognition may be used to self edit transcription. The software will automatically populate EHR fields to increase speed. M-Modal supports a “cloud based document management platform.” The M-Modal Fluency Direct meets all government initiatives, integrates easily with most dictating equipment and improves dictation turn around time. Improved dictation turn around time means faster insurance reimbursements and better patient care.

Choose one of these three options and you'll be more streamlined in no time. 

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