Top 4 Marketing Strategies that Still Work

New marketing strategies are evolving now and every entrepreneur must be aware of these especially to stay ahead of competitors in business and to get a better share of the targeted market. Some of these techniques may include email marketing, telemarketing, or using social marketing. However, with all these marketing strategies, business owners usually forget the most important thing - the customer.

With all these latest and effective techniques, sometimes customer sentiments are ignored, especially when business owners and marketers use a generic or general approach to marketing. The results of these techniques undoubtedly are exceptional, but the positive results may not last for long. Still you may consider some of these time-proven marketing strategies that are effective in reaching the customer.

Always Make the Customer Feel Special

One should treat every customer special right at the first interaction. Take time to find out what your customer needs and what he feels about your product and avoid delivering generic emails or recorded telemarketing stint. It is easy do business if you know your customer personally. When your customer realizes that you provide efficient and personal service, he will likely recommend you to other potential customers. Always remember that the power of personal endorsements is far more effective and reliable than any new marketing technique.

Give Them Gifts

Gifts and not bribes are an easy way to market your business. These can be small gifts with your brand name or logo. This strategy will help keep your brand name in their mind.

What Sets You Apart From Your Competitors?

This is a very important marketing strategy since you want your customers to treat you apart from your competitors. This technique shows your customers the advantages of choosing your brand or tells that why they must consider your service from all other brands. Find out what makes you unique and bank on this feature. For example, your business offers eco-friendly packaging, which is an advantage for the environment or your product uses only locally found materials or ingredients, which is a plus for the local economy. With your unique feature, you will easily be seen and set apart even when you have so many competitors offering the same product or service.

Show Your True Colors

Your customers will likely interact with someone who is able to engage in light conversation or respond to their emails or comments; this will make your business more pro-customer rather than all-for-profit alone. The best way to do this is to start a blog, create your own social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking sites and promote your business through interacting with the customers. Answer their queries and clear their doubts regarding the products and services. Show the funny, appreciative and practical side in you and you will surely win your target market.

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